Love Project

I love women on TV. They’re beautiful. But, I’m not in love right now. The woman out here break your heart. All they want is your money. They don’t want love, they just want to hurt you. I like women. I’ve been gay for all my life. I’m 26 years old right now. Maybe I’ve been in the wrong places to meet women because I’ve been in the drug world. We’re all dope fiends. They’re beautiful. Women are sensitive…if you meet one that’s sensitive. They got a lot of feelings. I’m mean, I know I’m a woman. I’ve got feelings, too. You know what I mean? Men got that ego pride. They’ve got to be cool and not shed a tear. I like women who can cry and be strong. Anything, all their feelings. That’s what I look at in a woman – to be her friend. Because if you’re not her friend, you’re not gonna get nowhere. Sometimes you might lust a woman, want to have sex with her real quick but it ain’t gonna mean nothing. You can’t make love to a woman you just met like that. You make love to a woman that you been good friends with for a long time.

// Big Banks