I will never forget my moment on the steps of City Hall. In 2003 I produced the LGBT African American Stage and Village for the Gay Pride Parade. Standing on the steps and watching thousands and thousands of people there to enjoy the show was one of the most amazing things that’s ever happened to me in my life. There was all this really great energy, all this love. It was wonderful.
Blue Buddha

I like a wall at Powell Street station. At this wall there is often a guitarist playing–a street guitarist. Once or twice a week, when I come in or out of the station, there he is playing. Hearing him makes my day because he has a nice voice and a great sound. Even if he’s not there, just seeing the wall makes me happy because I think of his music.

What I like is the Farmer's Market at Civic Center every Wednesday and Sunday. You will find different kinds of vegetables - all fresh, which you can store for a longer time. I get all Indian groceries, everything I need, from the Farmer's Market. It makes me so happy. When I came to the U.S., and saw this market close to my home, I was so happy that I can buy all the foods I love right here. It is so wonderful to see all produce I need here in the U.S.

One day I found an old service rail track on Embarcadero at Market that leads to nowhere. I stood there for two minutes mesmerized, while my boss was standing near me. He said, "What is going on with you?" I said, "Look at this! Look at the history here." Standing there, you can feel the history, those times, and the energy of all the movement that had been on that rail. I could feel it. It's like it's saying "I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. Remember."

On Sundays I used to sneak away and leave my husband and five children at home. I would take the train down Market Street to the end of the line. I liked to sit on a bench with a view of the water. I would sit there for hours with my notebook and write. I would write anything and everything that came to mind. Journal entries, stories, poems. Sometimes five hours would pass before I would return home.
Trilby, 101 years old

I love watching the people at the cable car turnaround at Powell and Market. I go there several times a week to observe people and take pictures. I enjoy watching every type of person you can find there, from the tourist to the disgruntled worker passing by. I have spent countless hours there.